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Alternative Financial Strategies is a financial planning and consulting firm providing solutions, navigating roadblocks and answering questions regarding retirement, estate planning and more. We believe in putting people first through our unique, one-on-one educational approach.

Driven by professionalism and integrity, our team is here to help you assess your financial goals and implement solutions. Together, we can build your future.

Our Services

Retirement Income Strategies

Whether you plan on spending your retirement relaxing on the beach or caring for your Grandchildren - we have you covered. After working for many years, it's important to have a strategy to help you balance the need for growth and the risk of market fluctuations through social security maximization and creating income for a lifetime.

Legacy Planning and Living Trusts

When planning for the distribution of your assets, living trusts will provide you the legal protection you need when it comes to avoiding probate and give you and your family the privacy you desire. Make sure you and your family stay in control of your financial and healthcare decisions with the proper planning today.

Social Security Optimization

Social security optimization involves strategizing to maximize benefits by understanding claiming options, retirement age, and spousal benefits. By considering factors like longevity, income needs, and taxation, individuals aim to enhance their financial security in retirement.

Life Insurance

We know your family is important to you, and we know how important it is to have coverage should an unexpected death occur. Finding a strategy to give you peace of mind is the first step when it comes to financially protecting your family. Opportunities encompassing generational planning, tax free retirement income, living benefits, debt elimination, and college planning could be appropriate for you.

Fixed Index Annuities

Annuities are the backbone of protected investment that provide you with income in retirement. Our team can help you decide where your money goes and how it should be invested to protect against market losses while maximizing upside potential. Fixed index annuities are not only a smart safe money solution but can also address health care costs and create a pension like income that will last a lifetime.

Long-Term Care Planning

Continuing to live an active life is as important as your financial safety. With our long-term independence strategies, we can help you to address the high costs of care and health maintenance.

Veteran Benefit Planning

Every veteran is entitled to assistance for themselves and their dependents. We know that understanding those benefits can get complicated. As advisors, we can help you understand the benefits, to which you are entitled to, for serving our country.

Risk Mitigation Estate Planning

Protecting your assets, including real estate, is essential to ensuring adequate long-term protection for you and your family. With our support, we can help you obtain the appropriate legal documentation so that your estate provisions are representative of your wishes.

Complimentary Analysis

with 9 To Know by Retirement Analyzer,
a quick and easy way to take a look into your financial future.

Here you can obtain a complimentary basic financial analysis by entering 9 pieces of contact and financial information.

This analysis can help determine if you are on track for a successful retirement or if you may come up short. If you find the analysis doesn't match your desired results, your advisor could provide recommendations that may help you attain your financial goals and improve your retirement picture.

Our Vision

We know that life can be challenging and present different circumstances to everyone. Our goal is to assess your challenges, collaborate on solutions, and persist through the implementation process. We want to help you achieve financial success for you and your loved ones.

With our customized approach, we can help you reach your goals including, but not limited to:

  • Preserving Your Wealth
  • Producing Positive Results
  • Providing Security for Your Future

Our Team

At Alternative Financial Strategies our team helps build your goals into a reality.

Tony Torres

Anthony Torres

Founder and Managing Director

Anthony Torres is the Managing Director of Alternative Financial Strategies. His Financial Advisory clientele appreciate his solution-oriented attitude and innate ability to put clients first - educating others to help discover what they need when it comes to retirement, social security, and beyond.

With over 30 years of experience in consumer finance and mortgage banking, he is dedicated to helping and preserving wealth for generations to come.

Josefina Torres

Josefina Torres

Senior Associate

Our founder's right hand is his lovely wife Josie. Josie has been by Anthony's side from the inception of Alternative Financial Strategies helping with client relations and customer service.

Josie can be seen regularly at education events making sure everyone gets their questions answered and needs addressed.

Set Yourself Up For Future Success.

Creating financial stability starts with having a plan. Get in touch with our team so we can discuss your unique assets by producing a strategy around your retirement income needs, estate planning, and more.

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